Treatments to Nurture Your Soul, as well as Your Body and Mind

“Therapeutic Massage with a Healing Touch”
“Luxurious and Affordable Day Spa Treatments to Nurture Your Soul, as well as Your Body and Mind”

Deborah Fugett“In my more than 30 years as a licensed massage therapist and soul searcher, I have developed my own unique blend of bodywork and intuitive energy work.

My goal for clients is to help you find a place of deep relaxation, peace, and inner connection.

Your body and mind have an amazing ability to heal themselves from injuries and trauma at the physical and emotional level.

With nurturing and compassionate presence my aim, in all the treatments I offer, is to help you find this
place in which you can heal and reconnect with your inherent, vibrant life force.”

Moon Rose Gift Certificates make excellent gifts and are appropriate for any occasion.

“Moon Queen”
Let me help you create a spa package tailored specifically to your gift certificate recipient.

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Between October 1 and December 30, 2015 any gift certificate you purchase will enter you to win $250 in spa treatments in a drawing to be held on the same day.

Call with questions and / or to purchase your customized gift certificate(s). (Each certificate you purchase is a separate entry in the contest!) Call today! 937 767-1694

As an added incentive to share a gift of relaxation and nurturing to all the loved ones in your life...
in honor of the winter holidays, in OCTOBER, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER each year, every gift certificate you purchase will enter you in a drawing to WIN $250 IN SPA TREATMENTS! (call for details)

The drawing is held on December 30th and the winner will be notified by phone. Congratulations Susie Bowling, 2016 WINNER!

"Deborah has a strong confidence in her hands. My students are going to fall in love with her! What took me so long to discover this soothing, releasing, healing type of bodywork? Deborah is a long-time practitioner, and has healing, skilled, and confident hands. The hot stones accompanied by her experienced hands and intuitive rythm made for a very nurturing, relaxing and lovely experience.  Deborah is a wizard-ess... with gifted, compassionate, experienced hands and Being!"

-Patricia S., yoga teacher

"I had pain in my back that literally put me down. I'm talking lightning bolts blasting up my leg and spine. I found Deborah, the Wizard-ess of Yellow Springs. I noticed the healing energy immediately in her meditative space. With hot stones and gentle massage she worked her magic...When I awakened the next day the pain was gone! I felt like 18 again! I just keep going back!!! Check her out, she is amazing! Thank you Deborah!"

S. L., Musician

“I recommend Deborah’s massage because she has a very present and giving touch that is very therapeutic and healing. Deborah has been very inspirational to me. Experiencing Deborah's massages is what inspired me to become a licensed massage therapist!"

- Nancy P., L.M.T.

“Regular massages with Deborah have been both relaxing and invigorating. Her skilled hands help me stay centered. I am a healthier person with her help.”

- Anna H. , Yellow Springs, OH

“Deborah has healing hands.”

- Ethiopian elder

“Deborah at Moon Rose gave me a blissful massage with lavender essence and oils which took all the body tensions away. I left as a new person in a completely relaxed state. Looking forward to the next massage!

- Anne G., school principal

”Deborah really knows the neck...she found tight muscles I didn’t know I had. The massage was great!”

- Alecia D. ,R.N.

“I’ve experienced deep relaxation with hot stones. I especially liked the stones moving on my back and the warmth and weight on my abdomen. I’m totally relaxed and at peace. The hot stones also felt good around my sore knee and were soothing to my feet and hands.”

- Karin D. retired professor, Granville, OH

“Having the body scrub and wrap was like entering another world, switching into alpha consciousness, and relaxing at a whole new level.

- Jane V. , L.M.T.

“Deborah truly has a healing touch and presence. Some others may have all the bells and whistles, but Deborah is the real deal. She has a depth and a knowing that is rare, and I have been to a lot of practitioners!”

- C.P. , Yellow Springs, OH

“Deborah has soothing, healing hands... I feel great!”

- Maxine , octogenarian

“We need to realize that therapeutic massage is not a is a necessity!”

- Jaylen J. ,daughter of Maxine

“Massages with Deborah heal my body and soul. You’re worth investing in your body. It’s the only one you will ever be given"- Love it!”

- Doreen G. , Fairborn, OH